Meet Talia! She is the person behind Surfcoast Mindful Movement and it's heart focussed mission for holistic movement and wellbeing.


A mother of two, owner of three businesses, as well as co-facilitator of regular international retreats, she is passionate about finding balance in daily life and swears by a combination of regular exercise, meditation, self care including alone time, nature therapy, quality connection with other humans, self compassion and let's not forget fun! Her favourite things in life outside of family and work are gardening, travelling, nature adventures, listening to or reading books about human behaviour, cooking, eating, learning and building things (she loves a diy project!). 


Her natural talent and love for working with people comes across in her warm approach with her clients. Surfcoast Mindful Movement was born after years of teaching in various professional settings including fitness centres, community programs, schools, boutique pilates studios and physiotherapy clinics - where it always felt like there was an aspect of 'heart' and 'connection' missing. She knew that one day she would open her own pilates studio that was founded on the core values of kindness, mindfulness, connection, support, warmth, personal growth, empowerment through movement, inclusion, joy, trust, respect and most of all, heart.

Most recently she has followed her lifelong interest in pregnancy, babies, birth work and womens health, becoming a birth doula in 2019 and Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner here on the surf coast to support our growing community. This is work she is super excited about as it is all heart! The recent launch of her new business in partnership with clinical perinatal psychologist, Adi Brown - 'The Perinatal Hub' will offer specialised holistic support services from conception, through pregnancy, birth and beyond - right here on the surf coast. 

Stay connected to her and all of her ventures via instagram and facebook!

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"Movement is the tool, Pilates is the vehicle, Wellbeing is the outcome. 

Passionate about creating a sustainable movement practice along with increased mindfulness, for a happier experience of daily life." - Talia xx